About Candace

Meet Candace Ceslow, a seascape artist and oil painter residing and creating in picturesque Montauk, New York.

Candace's artistic journey is deeply rooted in her lifelong connection to the sea and nature. Growing up on the east end, she spent countless hours absorbing the rhythm of the waves and the tranquility of the ocean.

Her formal art education at Adelphi University refined her skills, enabling her to translate her profound admiration for the natural world onto canvas. Focused primarily on oceanic themes, Candace's paintings capture the subtle nuances of movement and light, reflecting the ever-changing beauty of the ocean.

Inspired by Montauk's rugged coastline and dynamic atmosphere, Candace utilizes oil as her preferred medium. Working meticulously in layers, she imbues her artwork with texture and color, breathing life into each piece.

Candace's mission as an artist is to create a sense of serenity and escape for her audience, offering them a respite from the chaos of modern life. Her art has garnered recognition, gracing exhibits and private collections nationwide, sharing the essence of the sea with art enthusiasts far and wide.

Find out more at www.candaceceslow.com